As many of you may (or may not…) know Oracle is currently running the beta tests for the MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator exam and of course I had to sign up for it. I mean it’s not like I don’t already have enough on my plate, but as a masochist I felt it was only proper that I throw this on top too. During the process of studying for the exam I made myself a quick reference guide to what I believe is the appropriate MySQL 5.6 manual sections that correspond to the exam topics. I think it goes without saying I have no knowledge of what will be on the test so this is just a guess as to the material, but I figured I might as well throw it up anyway so that ya’ll don’t have to do make one. Also if I’m not lazy (and legally barred from doing so) I will probably throw up a brain dump of the type of questions I saw.

MySQL Architecture

  1. Use MySQL client programs to interface with the MySQL Server interactively and in batch
  2. Describe how MySQL uses disk and memory resources
  3. List and describe key characteristics of standard MySQL storage engines including InnoDB, NDB, MyISAM, MEMORY, FEDERATED


MySQL Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

  1. Select, deploy, start and stop MySQL using appropriate binary packages for Windows and Linux platforms
  2. Configure MySQL Server deployments using options files, command-line options and server variables
  3. Identify, configure, locate and describe appropriate use cases for MySQL the error, binary, general query and slow query log


MySQL Security

  1. Describe appropriate steps to secure a MySQL deployment at the operating system, filesystem and network levels
  2. Create and maintain user accounts with appropriate privileges and configuration
  3. Deploy and configure MySQL Enterprise Audit


Diagnostic Data and Metadata Sources in MySQL

  1. Configure and leverage PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA tables to identify and diagnose performance problems
  2. Obtain MySQL metadata from INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables


Optimizing MySQL Performance

  1. Demonstrate ability to diagnose and optimize poorly-performing queries
  2. Tune MySQL Server configuration for best performance
  3. Create and utilize table partitioning
  4. Apply best practices in optimizing schema objects
  5. Demonstrate understanding of locking concepts as applied to MySQL Server and storage engines


Backups and Recovery in MySQL

  1. Create and restore logical backups using mysqldump
  2. Create and restore binary backups
  3. Use backups for data recovery


High Availability Techniques for MySQL

  1. Describe, configure, deploy and troubleshoot MySQL replication
  2. Describe and contrast characteristics of common MySQL high availability solutions (MySQL Cluster, DRBD, Windows Failover Clustering, Solaris Cluster, OVM Template for MySQL Enterprise)


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  1. But still if you intend to then you can share your experience with me at 🙂 …I intend to take up this test but I don’t have much knowledge in My SQL apart from basic sql stuff and some stored proc knowledge.

    With this kind of limited knowledge do you think its okay to take a try with this exam? Please share your thoughts.


  2. Hi I am planning to take the mysql 5.6 certification exams. I am not a DBA, but I have some knowledge on mysql( I manage a bit of wordpress and cacti mysql backends).

    How much preparation I would need ?



    1. You’d have to prepare a fair amount. The exam is pretty in-depth. I’d make sure you know replication and query tuning inside and out. Also if you’d feel more comfortable having a full guide, Oracle Press is releasing OCP MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator Exam Guide in October.


      1. Thanks for the heads-up…plenty of late nights to look forward to then! I’m hoping to get the exam done before the release of the MySQL 5.6 Exam Guide book but we’ll see how it plays out.


  3. Hi. I was scouring the web for any info about the study guides for this exam (can’t afford oracle training!) and stumbled on your blog. Did you get the result in the end? More importantly, did the above links provide enough material?


    1. @Subhajit Chakraborty
      Unfortunately I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. The information above did cover everything but I should have focused more on learning the nitty gritty of replication. Specifically how to skip transactions. For my day job we don’t use MySQL’s built in replication so I never saw a use in going in depth about with it.


  4. Hi Absynth,
    I am planning to take MYSQL 5.6 DBA certification.
    can please share experience like from which concept we will get more questions.
    so it will useful for me to prepare?


  5. I hate to say it because I was looking forward to the Steve O’Hearn book being released also. First I ordered it via the publisher (a desk copy as I’m an instructor) and thought it would be here shortly since the Amazon entry makes reference to April 2015. So I call McGraw Hill inquiring about it and then they told me February 2016. Then, while searching for other resources, I followed this URL

    If you go down to the comments, Steve O’Hearn actually says that the Amazon entry is confusing people and after discussions with Oracle, it was decided NOT to write the book. The worst part is that I see no other books geared towards this certification for 5.6 out there. I found your website because I’m looking.

    Take care,


  6. Hi, I am planning to take up this exam in the upcoming month…If you could help me with a link or site which provides multiple choice questions as mock preparation for the exam.


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